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Combine 100

Combine 100

Combine 100 is a newly developed whole - feed for rice, wheat, rye, oat, barley and other grain. It features light weight, low ground pressure and reliable paddy field moving. The machine has advantages of reliable performance and stable quality for the special harvester gearbox, combination of fan and sieve system and twice grain cleaning device. It is easy to make maintenance with outer assembling of diesel engine and it is convenient for us to operate for reasonable design of control system and comfortable driver's seat. It is suitable for harvesting in small field of hilly land for its small turning radium and flexible operation.


Introduction Video

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Easy to transport between farms

Combine 100 is pretty easy to load and unload trailers. The following is a linked image of my friend who drive the combine between farms during harvest season.

Combine on Trailer


For Customers in U.S.A.

For U.S.A. customers, due to the EPA (Envirement Protection Agency) regulations, we can not import the original diesel engine for combine 100. The pelnalty charge is $30000 per each engine. Please be aware this regulation! 

Combine 100 will come without engine if you order one.  The combine will shipped to you directly from oversea manufacture. The follwoing linked images are what the combine will be looked like when you receive them.

Images of arriving combine 100


Engine D.I.Y.

The original diesel engine generate 22hp at 2200 RPM. So when you choose engine, you should choose engine power at 22hp at 2200 RPM. The following engine is purchased by my customer and tested.

Robin-Subaru 32 gas engine


Other Issues regarding to install new Engine

  • You might need to modify the muffler
  • This unit need 4 belt pulley that contected to engine shaft. The diameter of drive pulley is 135mm or 5.31 inch. This image shows that two belt drives thresher, another two belt  drive gear box. It comes with English parts diagram and user menu.
  • The rotationwhen when facing the engine is clockwise


Feed back from customers:

Aaron Egan (IL) 12/06/2017: 

We ended up with the 4LZ-1.5 combine. I believe the 1.0 is no longer in production as this was what we had been quoted originally. I powered it with a Deutz D2011l02i. It is rated at 23kw ar 2800rpm, 2.18 continuous The combine is set to run at 2200rpm. I have set my throttle stop to only allow the engine to run to 2300rpm is fear of over revving the mechanical limitation of the machine. Everything on this unit is a belt drive so my fear of over revving may or may not be founded; engagement is facilitate by simple cable or lever run tensioners on the belts. That being said when you engage things there is a brief time of slippage.

Over speeding, in my opinion , will likely lead to increased were and premature failure. I have run my combine about 5 hours so far. It was worked well. The engine is not using much if any of its power. I ran for 3 hours at speed and could only generate head temps in the 105 f range with ambient at 65.

I had considered try to use a Yanmar like in my gator. I believe it is rated at 16.6kw at 3200rpm. I think the power curve falls off at the

2200 range not making is a great fit (underpowered.) I also believe that it is significantly longer in the block length. This can be overcome but your engine will hang out the right side of the machine. At a certain point it may become too cumbersome. My icy is nearly even with the outside edge of the head. I would be hesitant to have it any further out. If you are buying a unit do not worry about an alternator either.

The original unit has an alternator mounted away from the engine running off the drive to the hydro pump that lifts the beam. I removed this as my engine is integrated and the alternator runs the cooling fan. Thats another reason I went air cooled. I did not want to have to allow for placement of a cooling system. If using a Yanmar you will have to. Now that I have built this thing I did find you have some places you could run a radiator but I was looking to make things simple.

I was somewhat put off by Kohler on buying an engine from them. They were less than helpful. The cost of the engine is much lower but from what I have heard so is the quality. They are actually an Italian engine that Kohler recently bought out. None of their air cools are powerful enough. The Deutz has a first major overhaul suggestion at over 10,000 hours. I heard the Kohlers were lucky to get 3k.

The combine seems to de well for us. It is a nice simple unit. There is very little adjustments on the thresher (none) and the fan is limited by gate dampers that are adjusted with lock nuts on studs so changing is not an option during operation. I am looking into options on fixing this issue. I will either go to an electronic adjustable pulley (if I can find one) or may remove the drive and place a hydro motor on the left side to be able to slow my fan (we do a lot of light seed.)


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