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How to contact you?

Anser: you can send email to info@eqmachinery or call us directly.


Do you carry inventory for the machines you are selling?

Anser: If we don't have it in inventory, we will arrange shipment directly to your shipping address in the U.S.A.


How are the machings packed?

Since it is international shipping, all machines will be packed according to international packing standard. For instance, the combine 100 sits on steel pallet with plywood four sides. click here to see example.


Do we need to handle all U.S. import Custom prodedures? 

Anser: No. We takes care all import procedures for you. 


Who is responsible for the U. S. Custom Duty Tax?

Anser: All price we quote includes the U.S. Duty tax. But if the Duty Tax was increased after customer places order, we recerve the right to increase price acorrdingly.  


Does customer need to arrange U.S. domestic shipment from the port?

Anser: No. We will arrange the domestic shipment to your shipping address. The freight charge is seperate charge. 


What kind of engine should customer buy for this combine 100?

Anser: The original diesel engine generate 22hp at 2200 RPM. So when you choose engine, you should choose engine power at 22hp at 2200 RPM. The following engine is purchased by my customer and is been tested.

Robin-Subaru 32 gas engine



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